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2020 - What a Year!

It’s exactly one year to the day since we were frantically running around the house in preparation for numerous Social Workers and Family Finders to visit to talk about Little Man, our pre-link meeting. A year has since passed and whilst there have been some hugely frustrating times with delays along the way, we now have Little Man and we are all about to enjoy our first family Christmas together!

We pretty much spent the first half of 2020 preparing everything for Little Man (and also spent a lot of time being in lockdown, but enough about that) whereas the rest of the year has seen us spending time together as a family. In a strange sort way, without Covid19 we would have never had the amount of time we spent as a family so we are thankful we got to spend so much time, building bonds and attachments. We have found our new normal for now, as we know this will change once we go back to work. We’re looking forward to moving forward as a family and all this brings.

Our final blog of 2020 sees us naturally reflecting on the most strangest year I think we have experienced so far. We realise nothing would ever have been enough to prepare us for parenting and the high and lows. We considered back then that we were well prepared, when in actual fact we weren’t - but we’ve come out the other side smiling and are more knowledgable about what we are doing - although we’re still winging it! Some of you may be aware we launched our Instagram and Twitter in 2018, the very start of our journey. So 2020 saw us venturing onto Youtube launching Daddy, Dad & Me vlogs - it’s been great fun and there are lots more vlogs to come in 2021!

Life with Little Man feels normal, although some days present more challenges than others, but that is the life of a parent. We have seen real growth in him the past few months and just how much he has developed and progressed. He’s been at nursery for a little while now and he loves it. We see just how much this has benefited him and he really does take it all in his stride.

We started the year not really knowing what lay ahead. We’re pretty sure nobody predicted how this year would go. We had life more or less set out for Little Man and for him to join us in the early part of the year but lockdown amongst other things turned that upside down. A lot of time was spent waiting. For any prospective/adopters reading this will understand there is a huge amount of waiting throughout the entire adoption process.

Our Wish For 2021

To finalise and legalise the adoption which will cement us legally as a family so we can carry on with life. Little Man starting school approaches in September so we have lots of time to hopefully get out and about as much as we can whilst we still have the opportunity to do so until school starts.

It really has been a whirlwind of a year and we're mega excited for what is to come in 2021 and the years ahead. All that’s left is for us to wish you all a very Happy Christmas & New Year - keep safe and have a fabulous time.

See you in 2021!

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