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I'm Back!

It has been quite some time since we last visited the vlog. After some much-needed time away, it felt right to return to social media and to continue sharing what we have done, albeit with a few differences. You may have seen details of the video we shared back in March 2022 following my diagnosis of motor neurone disease. We took some time away to try to come to terms with the diagnosis and to live life to the fullest, ticking off lots of bucket list dreams in the process!

During that time we have been championing the work of the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA), who have provided so much help, care and support since diagnosis. With being relatively young with the disease, it felt right that we use our vlog/blog to openly share about the realities of life with MND, showing it is not the end right now. There is still plenty to be done and the mission is to raise huge amounts of awareness for this illness which never sees too much coverage on TV, radio and social media. Therefore, in a recent blog that we shared, the first of 2023, we vowed to continue to share about life as parents to little man, and all that it brings, but also share about our journey with MND, because it is still part of Sam.

January 2023, is a hugely important month for the MNDA as they launch #TakeoverMND, encouraging others to raise awareness and the profile of the MNDA and to fund research for cure, provide treatments to those living with MND and how to support those living amongst it also. We are halfway through January and we wanted to share a few of the videos that have been shared by the Association and the hugely inspirational stories from those affected by MND.

Some new blogs on their way very soon to update about life over the last year or so, and the changes coming in 2023. Huge thank you to anybody who has reached out to us since we've been away, and those who have messaged with questions regarding the adoption process. We are always happy to receive and to help wherever and whenever we can. It has been encouraging to see so many going through the adoption process and we have been following your journeys as you navigate the road to adoption.

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