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From House Moves to Happy Anniversary!

Well, we didn't do very well in keeping the blogs coming, to realise that it's now been six months since our last update! However, during that time, a lot of things have been happening and this update will serve as a summary of all that happened over the last six months. So grab yourself a drink of your choice, pop your feet up and get comfortable. We might be here awhile…

Firstly, July 2023, marks 3 years since little man came home. It feels like he has always been here and to reflect on the last three years, he simply isn't the same little boy that came home in the summer of 2020. Recalling those first few months where we settled into life as a family to fast forward three years on, where he is settled in school, learning so much about the world we live in and his sassy personality shines through more and more each day.

As much as parenting has been the biggest challenge over the last three years, it has also been mighty fun in living and experiencing the world through a child eyes. He continues to thrive and amaze us with just how clever he is. That being said, there have still been bumps in the road as with all children and there have been some learnings for us all. With Sam's diagnosis of motor neurone disease last year, we've really seen little man want to help as much as he can, and he is a very thoughtful and considerate young gentleman. It's hard to think that he came home approaching three and we are now over halfway on our way to 10 years old, just exactly where did that time go?!

With recent changes in our living situation, which we will share in a moment, he has been adapting to how the dynamic has changed at home. As we have personally experienced, children simply absorb the world around them, and he has taken everything so well, considering there has been a lot of change for him.

As you will have read from our last blog shared in January, Sam was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in March 2022, as a family we made the decision to move into a larger property with Sam's family to help navigate the days, months and years ahead as we learn to live with the condition, as it progresses. One of the main reasons for our disappearance is that the house sale took some time to complete due to the complexities involved with two families into one. From start to finish, it took almost 11 months (!!) to complete, but we are happy to share that we have been living in our new home for almost 3 months.

As with any change in a living situation, it has been a learning curve for us all and to adapt and learn from each other. Our little man has certainly enjoyed there being more people being at home, although we are keen for him to spend lots of time with his friends as we feel it's important to spend time with those of your own age. Children thrive on routine and obviously with such a drastic change in the living situation, this has meant the routine we once had simply doesn't exist like it did before. So over the last few months we have been finding our feet and trying to establish a new routine for us all. It has been trial and error but we are getting there and feeling much more settled as the summer holidays are soon to start. One of the biggest changes and positive things is that we have a huge garden which little man loves to play in and we know this summer he will love exploring it and making his own little adventures.

We are doing well, and, although life changes, it's hard to think that July sees us celebrating a decade together! We're not quite sure where that time has gone, but we will be celebrating later this month, as well as raising a glass to our 7th wedding anniversary - again, where on earth did those seven years go?! James has been in in the West End on Mrs Doubtfire, which recently opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre, and Sam continues to enjoy his work and is fully supported by his employer as his health situation changes. Work has been a constant throughout everything and has helped to keep routine and normality in our lives.

Sam has been doing lots to tick off his bucket list and the last six months has seen him involved in various projects with the Motor Neurone Disease Association, as well as several news articles featured, sharing his story. We’ll include some links below, so you can see exactly what he has been up to as he continues to advocate the work and to raise awareness of the MNDA, as well as passionately sharing his lived experience of living with MND.

We've continued to share vlogs over on the YouTube channel and this has also been a welcome distraction at times. We have continued to share our experience being parents by way of adoption and to share Sam's story, both of which we know have gone on to help others in their journey.

So as you can see, the last six months have not been quiet by any means and simply, life has been busy for a little while, and we're hoping to continue to share and blog about life for as long as we can. We have some exciting opportunities that have been made available to us and when these projects are able to be shared, we will, of course, tell you more!

Finally, if anybody does want to get in touch, you can find us on all the socials;

Plus, you can pop us an email too at !

Much love to you all,

J&S x

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