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We’ve been meaning to write and share this blog for a long while now, but you know, life has been really busy. Before you know it the weeks and days roll on by and we see ourselves approaching the end of 2021. Before we write one of our final blogs of 2021, we wanted to blog about the online community of adopters as there is a huge online presence if you didn’t know it already!

The internet is where most prospective adopters find themselves seeking information about adoption. This is where we found ourselves and let’s face it - the internet is a minefield at the best of times. Our very first steps into the adoption community came via our instagram page. It helped us to find people who were in exactly the same position and gave us a glance into our future as parents. Over the last 3+ years we have become part of a huge community of adopters and have got to know others well as they too navigated the adoption process and grown their families. It has allowed us to share our story and to help and support other adopters as they work their way through the adoption process.

Almost two years ago we branched out onto Youtube sharing vlogs about different aspects of our journey and discussing adoption in further detail. There we have spoken about many different subjects and it has been a great way in connecting with others who subscribe to the channel and watch our vlogs.

We wanted to share some of the amazing people we have connected with along the way, both on Instagram and Youtube and who we have got to take a peek into their world.


They were one of the very very first same sex families we followed and we love seeing their daily goings-on which do give us a giggle! A beautiful family of four.

Many may remember Jamie from competing in the Olympics, but want many don’t know is that Jamie is in fact an adoptee. I had the immense pleasure of speaking to him on an Instagram live about being adopted and he is a huge advocate of adoption. Jamie shares his own person story in several documentaries which we would recommend watching.

Adoption UK are the leading charity providing support, awareness and understanding for those parenting or supporting children who cannot live with birth parents. They share lots of useful information as well as a magazine published throughout the year with support and guidance for all adopters and foster families.

We have followed each other for a while now and nothing makes us happier than seeing her beautiful daughter grow in every way and the bright colourful rainbows too!

Follow Wes, Jack & ‘Bubs’ and their beautiful journey as a family. They speak openly about autism and raise awareness and share daily posts about daily life and their adventures.

They very recently went to approval panel and got a unanimous yes! They have so kindly shared their adoption so far and the highs and lows they've encountered along the way.

They recently adopted again and are now a lovely family of four. They've shared openly about their journey to parenthood and have helped us along our journey to fatherhood.

Youtube Vlogs

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