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We're Going to Be Daddies!

Updated: May 1, 2020

2020 - The year we will become parents. There - we said it!

Christmas came early for us in 2019 - we will be welcoming our new arrival in Spring 2020! WE’RE BEYOND EXCITED as you can imagine!

We started a discussion back in October about Little Man and were in regular contact with his Social Worker, with our PAR being sent to them for review. Once they read our report we received Little Man’s report and spent the weekend reading and re-reading his report to really absorb everything about him. We were both in agreement that we both felt the same about him and that we wanted to proceed further. In our minds we had to remind ourselves that we may not get anywhere but we had to remain positive to hear the outcome of our interest.

We were told five couples including us had been shortlisted and we would need to wait a few weeks whilst a shortlist and subsequent selection meeting took place. These weeks felt like years but luckily a week later we heard that we had been shortlisted down to three. Another week passed before we heard that we had been selected by his Social Worker and a home visit would now take place for further information to be exchanged.

Friday 13th - an unlucky day for some but this pivotal day left us with only positivity when four social workers visited us at home to share information about Little Man. As with every visit throughout our adoption journey, the house was cleaned top to bottom with the Christmas decorations giving that extra sparkle. We put on a light lunch. Well not so much light but rather a buffet. They were certainly not going home hungry! An hour before they arrived the nerves and worries kicked in - was everything tidy enough? Would they like us? How would Ralph (the dog) behave? Did we have enough tea/coffee? What questions would they ask? The doorbell chimed and we looked at each other knowing the next few hours would shape our future.

A few hours passed full of conversation about Little Man and us. We felt the meeting was extremely positive, even talking about how they could see him being with us. They left us explaining they would come back to us within a few weeks to let us know the outcome and whether we would be progressing further. With Christmas looming we focussed on getting ourselves prepared for the festive period which helped shift some of the anxiety whilst waiting for the outcome.

A week later and after a few sleepless nights we got the news we had been waiting for - a formal link was made! Wow - this was it, our son would be coming home.

The moment we had both dreamed of had just come true. In the following days we told family and friends not being able to contain our excitement. We also started shopping and making adjustments to the spare room. Everything started to become real, no longer were we waiting for the unknown. We had seen the face of our Little Man.

January and February will see us being very busy in getting everything ready and preparing for life as parents. 2020 really will be the best year ever!!

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