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About Us

We started our adoption journey back in August 2018, which nows seems so long ago but in reality it has only been 18 months or so. However a lot has happened in that time!


Our first steps into the unknown started with a Google search. We didn’t know of anyone that had adopted before so we really had no idea about where we would start. A month later we found ourselves being interviewed in Central London by a top adoption agency. However whilst they were keen to take us on, we didn’t feel they were the right agency for us, so we decided to keep searching. After all, this is a lifelong commitment so it has to be the right decision. 


We soon found another adoption agency and after a mandatory information event, several weeks later in September 2018 we were being interviewed at home. We were accepted on to Stage One which lasted for several months until December. We then chose to take a break before starting Stage Two in May 2019. Stage Two lasted four months until October and this is when we were formally approved to adopt. Wahoo!! 


Following several months of receiving children’s profiles to consider, we were sent a profile of a beautiful little boy, hereafter referred to as Little Man. We were formally matched with him in March 2020 and currently are to commence introductions following a series of bump into meetings with him

Our Life...

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