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Happiness is... Toasted Marshmallows!

We love spending time as a family doing different things and creating memorable experiences for us all to enjoy. So when the lovely people from White Horse Energy got in touch to kindly gift us a box full of goodies - we instantly took the chance to chill by the fire pit before Little Man went to bed and to also have toasted marshmallows. HEAVEN!

In our delightful gifted box we received kiln-dried firewood, firelighters, kindling and briquettes. We couldn’t wait to get the fire started to road test each of the products. Read on to find out how we got on!

Kindling, Briquettes & kiln-dried firewood

Firstly, if you’re anything like we are when an open bag of marshmallows is around - they don’t tend to last long and are certainly not around long enough to be toasted. However we made sure that Little Man (and maybe the both of us too...!) resisted the urge to pop our hands in the bag and to savour the taste once we had toasted them!

We made sure we got the fire started by popping the kindling and some firelighters on to get things going. We noticed the quality of the products and that often firelighters are very chemical heavy and leave an undesired smell on your hands. Not these beauties. They are natural firelighters and are extremely clean, odourless and light in seconds. Within minutes the fire was underway and the kindling took really well along with the firelighters. No ghastly odours either.

Once everything was well established, we popped a few of the Ecoblaze kiln-dried firewood on, which again was great quality. This lit well and before long the sound of crackling firewood filled the air. Once safe to do so we grabbed our marshmallows and got toasting them, as you can see!

Before & After

It was a lovely way to spend the evening as a family, as this was the first time that we had been able to get around the fire pit. We definitely can’t wait to do it again, so huge thanks to White Horse Energy for getting in touch.

Toasted Marshmallows!

We loved using all of their products and were super impressed with the fantastic quality. With that, so you too can get your hands on some, simply quote ‘daddydadandme’ and use this link. You’ll get 5% off your first order placed with White Horse Energy.

So if you fancy spending time round the fire with family, friends or even an ice cold glass of wine during those summer evenings, give White Horse Energy a visit and make sure to quote us to receive your discount!

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