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'All Change Please, All Change'

We originally planned for this blog to appear back in the Summer - but you know, things got a little busy as the world finally started to return to ‘normal’. So by way of an Autumnal update from our recent vlog - read on dear reader to see what’s been happening with us as we head to the end of a very busy year!

The end of Summer saw Little Man saying farewell to nursery and forest school and the friends he had made during his time there. For us as his parents, we could see how the last year had changed him, watching him develop and grow and to see him really settle into the routine of it all. His final days were very emotional for us, most of all when he left forest school saying “I miss you very much”. Gulp.

We’re nearing the end of Little Man’s first term at school and it’s been a busy time for him in adjusting to the change in going to school five days a week. As we have said before, this would be a big routine change for us all as we were working things around school drop off/pick up, so things needed to change to allow for that. With the term starting with partial days, building up to full days, it has been a shock for him. We watched him coming out very tired and emotional some days however we have been told he is very confident and is a bubbly young gentleman. Always nice to hear.

There have however been some bumps along the way. The first week was quite light for him as he was attending for half a day. A week later and with the full days kicking in, we noticed we had many outbursts from him and multiple tantrums. This of course was to be expected as he had been in a regulated environment for the day and then at home he was able to release and unwind. Nearly six weeks on and there have been days that he has really struggled being mentally and physically exhausted. He has started to make friendships with others and watching these friendships grow has been super to see. It’s really helped him to settle in class too.

As for us, we’ve both been mega busy with work which has really taken our focus as well as ensuring that Little Man is settling into school. In addition we’ve been having some decorations done at home so there really has been a lot going on. We’re looking forward to a little rest at half term and then looking forward to heading on into into the final term of 2021 as we head towards…..Christmas!!!!

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