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Updated: May 1, 2020

Well well well, 3 months on from our last blog (please tell us where that time went?!) and this sees us approaching the very end of January 2019. Scary stuff.

We're extremely pleased to say Stage one went smoothly. All checks were made, medicals were completed and both us of us completed the self assessment booklets which took the most time of all. We approached the end of Stage one at the end of December and were welcomed to start Stage 2. However this got us thinking about 2019 and our plans for the next year and life with a child.  

We took the decision to take a 6 month break before starting Stage 2 towards the end of Summer 2019 which will look to be a very busy and thought provoking period for us both.  So we've been a little quiet as there have been lots of things we've been doing to prepare for Stage 2 and the adoption. We're also keen to enjoy time before our family unit changes and this time will enable us to do exactly that. We've also been keeping up to date with adoption research and anything in the news, including childcare experience which will help us throughout Stage 2.

So here we are - we're still moving forward but are currently taking some time for us before the madness of Stage 2 starts! We'll keep you posted.  

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