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Here We Go! 💙

I can’t quite believe we are finally writing this, but following a delay further to matching panel, we are stupendously (oooh that’s a lovely word, isn’t it?) excited to share the news that in a few weeks we start introductions with Little Man! YAAAAAAASSS!

As most of you know we have been waiting on this news for a while now and we never thought back in March we would be waiting 3 long months until things picked back up again. Yet he were are, several weeks away from starting our new journey as parents. We are of course delighted that this is happening but also anxious too - we know that’s entirely normal and that’s exactly what introductions are there for, to be a transitional period for Little Man and us. 

So grab yourself a steaming hot cup of your favourite brew/or an alcoholic beverage (depending when you're watching!) and hit the play button below on our newest vlog explaining all about introductions, and of course the delight in our marvellous news.


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