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Updated: May 1, 2020

Yes, that's right - the amount of time in minutes until our Approval Panel. We're not on the countdown at all, are we?! It's a day we have been working towards since starting our journey in July 2018 and it couldn't come any quicker. 

When we think back to the start it's hard to believe how much we have done in this time and the amount of effort that has gone into our approval process. We've had countless DBS checks, taken on voluntary childcare work, documented our lives from the day we were born, read thousands of words in the many books we have read, attended mandatory training with our agency and roughly 16 hours being assessed during our Home Study. It may sound like a lot to get through but when we think how our future will look in the near future - every minute of our time has been well spent and we would do it all over again. We know our son is out there looking for us and we cannot wait for that day. 

Our assessment sessions with our Social Worker are all complete and we're in a quiet limbo period until we receive a copy of our report to proof read etc. In the meantime we're continuing to read (you can never read enough books) and preparing home for the changes - including the spare room transformation - it's all rather exciting! We have a trip to New York next month so that will allow us to take time out and forget about things for a little while.

The fun day we went along to a few weeks back was great. We got speaking to lots of different parents and we were also able to get 1 on 1 info from another LGBT couple about adoption and their experience. Time well spent in our eyes - plus we had fun at the picnic too!

There's not much going on until panel but we'll keep popping things on our Twitter and Instagram pages if you want to see how things are going.

Next update - Panel Day - AHHHHHHHH!  

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