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2019 - One Crazy Year...

Updated: May 1, 2020

8th December 2019 - Two months since we were approved as adopters. How on earth have two months whizzed by that fast already?!

What with it coming to the end of 2019, it naturally makes us reflect about everything that's happened throughout the year and before the craziness 2020 begins!

At the start of the year we had just started a four month break between Stage 1 & 2. We welcomed the break because it allowed us to recharge after a busy 2018 and we felt it would give us a good rested grounding to start Stage 2. We took the time to have a beautiful holiday to St Lucia which really helped us both. We also took the time to start focussing on the house and preparing for life with a young child.

June saw us commence with Stage 2 and the all important assessments which we had scheduled over a few months. We met with our Social Worker on a fortnightly basis to complete each area of the assessment so that our report could be compiled for approval panel in a few months time. October came around much quicker than we thought and this saw us heading to Approval Panel - the day all prospective work towards.

After 18 months work we received a unanimous yes - Wahoooo!

Almost immediately after panel we had numerous profiles of children shown to us, however for a number of reasons we didn’t feel we would be able to meet the needs of those particular children. Seeing those profiles enabled us to understand even more so about the children who are being fostered and seeking their forever homes. Each profile was and still is heartbreaking to read. We never feel prepared for learning about what had led to those children being removed from their birth families.

Then…silence. A long month or so where we didn’t hear anything from our social worker. We questioned whether this was normal as we also saw other adopters that had also shared their concerns. We were told towards the end of the year and this year in particular, it had been very quiet but they expected things to pick up early next year. In recent weeks we have seen lots of positive news with adopters being linked and matched to their children - the start of a beautiful forever family.

So there we have it. A matter of weeks until 2019 leaves us and a new year arrives once more. The last 12 months have gone by in a blur but we know 2020 will be a fantastic year for us. We’re extremely grateful for the support and love shown to us and all that’s left for us to say is - Have the most splendid Christmas & New Year!

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