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Stage 2... Go! Go! Go!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Where on earth have the last 3 months gone?!

It's been both a quiet and busy time for us since our last blog. We both enjoyed time away from the adoption process by taking a break for several months and there has been lots going on with work and our personal diaries! However we're pretty sure you'll gather from the title, the good news is in a few weeks we commence Stage 2 with our Social Worker! Wahoo!

She'll be coming to meet us to arrange the dates for the all important assessment meetings that go towards approval panel.

The break has put us in a good place though, we've both been able to do some reading/researching which is required as part of your 'learning log' and Sam has been able to build upon his child care experience by working with the local Beavers group. So time has been utilised well!

From the meeting with our social worker, we will arrange a set of meetings over the four months before our panel date. Anything that has cropped up during Stages 1 & 2 can be discussed and documented. We believe our SW then prepares the huge report that is submitted to panel.

So we're very happy to be moving to Stage 2 and to get closer to that all important approval panel!

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