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Global Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Day 2022

Today marks Global MND Awareness Day 2022, a day prior to 5th March 2022 I had never heard of, nor had any connection to.

Now four months post diagnosis I have firsthand seen and been part of the amazing work the MND Association do each and every day. I have been shown compassion, sensitivity and a team of lovely supporters whom I speak to often, who guide me through the most painful of times as I navigate my way forward and learn to accept how life will be.

I was asked by the MNDA if I wanted to be part of an online exhibition and to be photographed by Richard Cannon who has captured many famous faces including Prince Charles, Dolly Parton, Jasper Conran and now… me. So here I am alongside 15 other MND Warriors and their carers.

Richard shows how MND can affect anyone of any age or background, and that the disease develops differently for each person. He also highlights the supportive role that loved ones play. Richard has photographed 16 people living with MND, taking two shots of each person – one looking at their loved one who is out of shot and one being alongside them.

Please do take a wander round the exhibition here, and do continue raising awareness not only today, but every day. I live in hope each and every day that things will be different and that a cure and treatments are discovered - that can only happen by us speaking up and out about living with MND. There are no survivor stories of those living with MND, but we know we are so close to finding a cure and treatments.

MND may have me, but I'm doing this on my terms.

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