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Family Life, six weeks on

Pass the cocktails!

At the time of writing, the UK is in the midst of a lovely heatwave which has been ongoing for a while now. Whilst we usually love the warmth of the sun beating down, it’s not the same as being on holiday and we’re both suffering the effects of not being able to cool down sufficiently. However a paddling pool set up in the garden has been used almost daily and has been vital!

Little Man has been here for six weeks and what a time it has been. Each week has been so different, it is often hard to recall what life was like before just a few months ago. The last few months have brought us some lovely moments as a family but equally it has presented us with challenges, as all parents face. There has been lots to learn and adjust to.

With us both being around, this has meant we have been able to enjoy time as a family and to adjust to home life with Little Man. We have ensured he has become familiar with the local surroundings and the daily goings on - this has helped support and cement a routine for him. He enjoys the post when it arrives (although we don’t if it’s a bill!) and is always happy to greet others and give them a wave and say hello. There have been trips out and about whether that be to a local town or a new park/play area to explore. There have also been lots of National Trust places to explore which have been great for Little Man to run around in - plus some amazing picnics which are his favourite!

About a month or so ago we introduced him to some family and this was a positive meeting in a local park. A week later we saw family again and he instantly remembered them, plus loved the play equipment that was in the garden, ready for Little Man to play with! In recent weeks there have been some play dates with other children and these have also been very positive and enjoyable for him. There will be lots more play dates to come.

One thing we have both encountered the last few months are the whirlwind of emotions, with some days being very challenging but also some days that have been so incredibly beautiful to be part of. We have been keeping a diary each day and just like a diary would, this has been insightful to look back on to remember what we have done, but also that no two days are the same. Our support network of family and friends have been very supportive to us in these early moments and by speaking to them and other parents has helped guide us on the rocky path they call parenting!

Over the next few months we will continue to settle with Little Man and hopefully some cooler weather will allow us to get out and about even further to explore and plan new adventures. We are hopeful nursery will start soon as this will give him some other children to play and engage with on a weekly basis. So for now we continue to settle and take each day as it comes, but to also start planning for our time ahead.  

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