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Where It All Began...

Updated: May 1, 2020

3rd August 2018.

The first day of what may be a long but worthy process in adopting a child. We had spoken at various points throughout our relationship about becoming a family and we recall that we spoke about it quite early on. We knew one day that we would like to be parents but if it didn’t happen, it wouldn’t affect our relationship either way.

In recent years and as our relationship has developed, including our marriage in 2016, we spoke more often and in depth about raising a family until we both realised that we knew that we would like to take the next step and start the adoption process. We didn’t (and still don’t) know of any other couples who had adopted so we took to the internet to start our research about where to start and what adoption would involve for us. It has been somewhat overwhelming in reading many stories, blogs and articles about adoption. What comes across in each of is that adoption is hugely rewarding and whilst parenting is extremely hard, you will feel like you’ve never felt before, including providing a child with a new start as for many they would have come from less fortunate backgrounds.

So here we are. At the very start of our adoption journey. Day 1.

We want to keep a record for ourselves as well as sharing with others, as we have found very few places in which we could read and gain an understanding for LGBT couples who have also adopted.

We have an interview with an agency soon in order to talk more about the process and about us as a couple and of course, our intention to adopt a child. We’ll try to keep you updated so we can try and help others in their journey as we have already found it incredibly beneficial and interesting.


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Oct 02, 2018

I just know that you will be great parents for some lucky little boy or girl. I wish you all the luck in the world over the next few months/years and look forward to hearing about your next stage. Lots and Lots of love and luck to you both xxx

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