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Adoption Information Events

Updated: May 1, 2020

Yesterday evening we went to an information event for an adoption agency we had already made an initial enquiry with. Before registering for the event we had spoken to a social worker who asked us several questions to make sure we reached some of the criteria for adoption. This including being over 21 years old, having a spare room, and to have been together for at least 3 years. 

We rocked up rather early to the event and once we were taken into the room where we would spend the next few hours, other couples started to arrive. Before long there was about 15 people who had also joined us. The agency said it looked to be a busier event than usual which was great to hear. Looking around the room we noticed that there were a mixture of people. Some single adults, some couples of different ethnicities. We looked to be the only gay couple.

We were introduced to the event by a social worker for the agency and before long we were talked through the very in-depth process, right from where we were today.Whilst the process itself will be  long, intrusive and what looks to be a deeply emotive journey - it all has to happen because adoption is such a serious consideration. Children are seeking their forever homes and agencies and local authorities cannot afford to get the adoption wrong. It can be severely damaging to children and adults involved. 

Over the two hour event there was lots to absorb but we both found it extremely encouraging and were not been put off by anything we were told regarding what would come ahead. The next step is that if we decide that we would like to proceed with that particular agency, we make contact to arrange a home visit and interview to see if the agency will consider proceeding further with us. If so, they issue you with a legal document called your Register of Interest - ROI. Once signed it forms a legal and binding decision to proceed with that agency and you are no longer able to proceed with any other agencies/local authorities (LA's). 

We have a meeting with another agency soon so we wish to see what that meeting holds before deciding what happens next and what is right for us...

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